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“I am very pleased with the quality of work done by Langdon. He is professional, quick to respond, and created everything I wanted in the web design and more. A job well done.”

I was put in contact with a man who needed a website on the other side of the country from me. Michael, the owner of Higher Ground Hot Yoga, had a web design company already working on his new website, but he was extremely unhappy with what they were giving him. Well, Burning Chef to the rescue. Besides, who knows more about being hot than Burning Chef? Anyway, Michael had a specific vision for his new website. I gave him a site that not only looked the way that he wanted it to, but also had features like being responsive (meaning it changes depending on the size of the browser window, making it easy to scale from a desktop monitor to a mobile phone). Michael no longer wakes up in a pool of sweat thinking about a bad website, he saves the sweat for class.

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