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“It was important that we got the look and feel of the site just right, and Langdon helped us immensely in achieving exactly what we wanted.”

The way that I met The Airborne Toxic Event is an interesting one that shows that it IS who you know. I do a lot of work for a children’s book publishing company. One of the artists for those children’s books is a man who lives in Tucson, AZ. We would speak on the phone often for business related projects. One day, he asked me if I would be willing to do a website for free for a band out of Los Angeles. I told him, “Well, I don’t really like to do many free sites unless it is for a great cause.” “Oh, this is a great cause!” he told me. It turns out that his daughter was dating this bass player for a rock band named Noah. They don’t have much money, they don’t have a record deal, but they are starting to get a lot of gigs here in L.A. and the surrounding area. “Fine, but you owe me!” I demanded. So, I contacted Noah and he told me what they would like to see on their website. I started designing the site and building it using WordPress. Right before I finished the site and turned it over to them, they signed a record deal. Then they released their first album. Then they began touring globally. Then I started to see them on Carson Daly, Conan, Leno, and Letterman. They recently released their second album, and we gave the site a bit of a facelift. We went from very dark grays and blacks to blues and light grays.

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